Why Buying Roofing Leads From HomeAdvisor Is Killing Your Business

If you’re buying expensive, shared leads from places like HomeAdvisor or thinking about doing so, you may want to take a moment and give this a read…

I talk to dozens of Roofing Contractors every week, and one of the biggest problems I see is Roofing Contractors not having a reliable way to generate exclusive roofing leads…

…so this usually means they buy leads from places like HomeAdvisor, and these leads are often shared to multiple Roofers.

Now, I’m not saying HomeAdvisor leads suck (although I do often hear it), what I’m saying is, shared leads suck!

Here’s the thing…

If you buy a lead, let’s say for $50… and that same lead is shared and sold to 4 other Roofers, then you’re now in a race… a race to get to that lead first. It usually boils down to this… either whoever gets to that lead first wins… or whoever undercuts and slashes their profit the most wins.

Now, chances are you’re not available to phone the lead 24/7 as soon as the lead drops in, you could be on a roof working, you could be pricing a job, you could be taking the kids swimming or whatever else. On top of that, you undercut too much in order to try get the lead to go with you and it then becomes a worthless job as there’s not enough profit left.

So, what’s the solution?

In an ideal world, you’d be getting exclusive leads… or even better… exclusive appointments! Homeowners who have scheduled an appointment with your company, and only your company.

Getting exclusive appointments usually means an easier sale with no competition.

However, buying exclusive appointments from HomeAdvisor or alike can cost a small fortune.

Yet, there is an affordable way…

Our exclusive and guaranteed Roof Estimate Appointment Scheduling service is not only affordable…

…it’s exclusive to you.

The appointments that we generate and schedule are provided to you, and only you! We never sell that same appointment to another 4 Roofing contractors in your area!

Not only that, we also prequalify the homeowner to make sure they are SERIOUS about having an estimate from a Roofing contractor. We collect a lot of information, we speak to the homeowner on the phone to confirm their details and make sure they are serious before we even tell you about the appointment.

Then leading up to the appointment day and time, we’re constantly following up with the homeowner and communicating with you to make sure the day and time is still good for both parties.

That means, all you do is show up at the agreed day and time, estimate the project and close the deal.

It does not get any easier!

Ready to start receiving appointments? (You don’t pay a penny until you agree to accept the appointment)

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